82 stupid jokes that will make you laugh! (2023)

Everyone loves pranks. But not all jokes are good. While some people have a dark sense of humor and like to hear clever jokes, others prefer to keep things simple. Why? WhyBlack moodit's not for everyone. But simple pranks can help everyone improve their mood and make faces for a long time.

you like to countjokes? Or do you prefer to listen to funny stories? Anyway, you are in the right place! No matter your mood, whether you're in the mood to crack jokes or not, chances are high that this article will make you laugh and cause positive emotions in you.

Do you want to inspire the audience with funny jokes?Just scroll down to find 75 Stupid Jokes You Can Use to Make People Laugh and Get Applause Quickly. If you're wondering how people tell amazing jokes all the time, this is what they do. All you need is to choose your favorite stories and remember them. Don't worry because it's so simplejokes question-answer formatis about to be introduced, they are very easy to remember.

Here are exactly 75 stupid jokes that are likely to make you laugh even when you're not in the best mood. And we promise you will easily remember most of these silly scenarios!

The 82 best stupid jokes of all time

82 stupid jokes that will make you laugh! (1)

talking oceans

P:What did one ocean say to the other?

AN:Nothing, they just said hello.

imprisoned image

P:Why was the image stuck?

AN:It was framed.

smart dinosaur

P:What is the name of a dinosaur with a large vocabulary?


A threat to your teeth

P:Name something red that is bad for your teeth.

AN:A brick.

trouble playing baseball

P:What is the reasonwhy orphans are notgood at playing baseball

AN:That's because they don't know where their house is.

penguin hat

P:What is the name of the penguin's favorite aunt?

AN:arctic aunt

bears without ears

P:What do you call a bear without ears?


a dog in the bathroom

P:What dog likes to take a bubble bath?

AN:A shampoo.

tias fortes

P:Why do ants never get sick?

AN:Because they have old bodies.

hungry plumbers

P:What is a plumber's least favorite vegetable?


Make melon!

P:What if life gives you melons?

AN:You are dyslexic.

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pregnant horses

P:Why do pregnant mares run faster than other horses?

AN:Because they have two horsepower.

P:Why does a bicycle have difficulty standing up on its own?

AN:Because they are both tired.

a witch on the beach

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P:what is hename of a witchwhat is on the beach?

AN:a sand witch

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P:When does a joke become a dad joke?

AN:When it becomes obvious.

Peter Pan

P:Why does Peter Pan always fly?

AN:Because it never lands.

clown in the desert

P:What is the anime of a clown that is trapped in the desert?

AN:a dry mood

serious dogs

P:What kind of market do dogs hate?

AN:hippie fairs.

talking walls

P:What did one wall say to another?

AN:"See you in the corner."

Nuclear physics

P:What is the scariest word in nuclear physics?


yellow object

P:What's yellow and can't swim?

AN:A school bus with children.

mickey mouse in space

P:Why did Mickey Mouse decide to go into space?

AN:To find Pluto.

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P:Why Kleptomaniacs Can'tword games?

AN:Because things are always taken literally.

dogs don't get lost

P:What dogs never get lost?


bomb in the water

P:What is the name of the pump in the water?

AN:A bath bomb.

doing things

P:Where are average things made?


P:How long do you need to make butter?

AN:An echurnity.

dialogue between eyes

P:What did the left eye say to the right?

AN:"Something stinks between you and me."

dogs and chess

P:Which chess piece do dogs prefer?

AN:A pawn.

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Actors with broken legs

P:Why do actors break a leg?

AN:Because every play has a cast.

eating an apple

P:What's worse than finding a worm in an apple?

AN:Find half a worm in an apple.


P:What if someone doesn't know what the word β€œArmageddon” means?

AN:Not the end of the world.

stupid animals

P:What is the dumbest animal in the world?

AN:A polar bear.

first phone

P:Name the invention more important than the first telephone.

AN:The second.

Napoleon's armies

P:Where did Napoleon keep his armies?

AN:In your sleeves.

The teacher and the lamp.

P:What did the teacher promise the light bulb?

AN:You will have a bright future.

Star Wars Movies

P:Which Star Wars movie do baseball players hate?

AN:The referee counterattacks.

astronaut's room

P:Why did an astronaut clean his house?

AN:Because I needed some space.

P:WhybeesDo you have sticky hair?

AN:They use honeycombs.

a blind fish

P:What do you call a fish without eyes?

AN:They are fish

toothless bear

P:What is a toothless bear called?

AN:A gummy bear.

Donald Trump

P:Why can't Donald Trump be a Lannister?

AN:Because he never pays his debts.

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talking volcanoes

P:What did one volcano say to another?

AN:I wash you

a girlfriend in jail

P:Why did the boy arrest his girlfriend?

AN:Because she stole your heart.

the clothes of a house

P:What did you see a house?

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AN:One direction.

A blanket falls off the bed

P:What did the blanket say after getting out of bed?

AN:"Ah, leaf."

one-armed jedi

P:What is a one-armed Jedi called?

AN:One hand only.

the hippie's wife

P:What is the name of a hippie's wife?

AN:From Mississippi.

sick lemon

P:What do you use to treat a sick lemon?

AN:A portion of lemon.

broken pencil

P:Why You Should Avoid Writing With a Broken Pencil

AN:Because it doesn't make sense.

A laptop that sings.

P:What is the name of a laptop singing?


P:What kind of jokes do you tell while taking a shower?

AN:clean jokes.

the magician and the pizza

P:How did the wizard make the pizza disappear?

AN:He eat.

sulk farm

P:What do you call a farm that is in a bad mood?


flying fly

P:When did the fly fly?

AN:When the spider saw.

an italian cook

P:What happened to an Italian cook?

AN:He grazes a lot.

scientist and weapon

P:What is a scientist's favorite flavor of bubble gum?

AN:An experiment.

two mountains

P:What did a small mountain say to a bigger one?

AN:Hi Cliff!

dog's favorite seafood

P:What is a dog's least favorite seafood?

AN:a catfish

jumping on a trampoline

P:What is the best time to jump on a trampoline?

AN:The summer.

an ocean without water

P:Where can you find an ocean without water?

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AN:Not map.


P:Why do people like flashlights?

AN:Because it's the highlight of your day.

little mother

P:What is a little mother called?

AN:A minimum.

sacred fish

P:Why do fish hate playing basketball?

AN:Because they are afraid of the network.

traffic lights

P:What did one traffic light say to the other?

AN:"Look away, I'm changing."

atom in the way

P:Why did the atom cross the road?

AN:Because it was time to go.

Panda wants to stay small

P:What do you call a panda that doesn't want to grow up?

AN:A Peter Panda.

P:What is something that breaks after saying that?


a lawyer priest

P:What is the name of a priest who became a lawyer?

AN:A father-in-law.

cold spelling

P:How can you spell cold with two letters?


Dancing dentists.

P:What is the dentist's favorite dance move?

AN:The floss.

math friends

P:What are the names of friends in math class?

AN:Algas Bros.

meditating wolf

P:What is a wolf that is meditating called?

AN:A conscious wolf.

unimportant elephants

P:What is the name of an elephant that is not important?


runner and dancer

P:Why Dasher and Dancerlike coffee?

AN:Because they are Santa's star dollars.

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