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Author:fuchs(uploaded with permission from Fox)


Hello gentlemen and ladies of the cosmos! Welcome to my guide to unlocking the most useful engineers from scratch as quickly and easily as possible! This guide won't introduce all of the Engineers, as some are less needed or have requirements that go beyond the flow of this guide to unlocking and therefore don't particularly fit into the flow of this walkthrough guide. Keep in mind that some engineers are hard to unlock no matter what you do, but their grind can make your life easier relative to other grinds. This guide uses that overlay to give you a clear path on how to unlock each engineer with minimal effort. Click to see a diagram of all engineersHere!

This guide can always be improved. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, feel free to post them in a comment below. (To edit:Reddit)


To make meaningful progress through this guide, you'll need the following:

  • A long range ship (preferably DBX, AspX and/or Anaconda).

  • A solid cargo ship with at least 50 t capacity (AspX, Type 9 and/or Anaconda)

  • 10 million CR to burn

  • Idleness.

  • Significant amounts of technical materials. These can be easily farmed at Dav's Hope (Hyades sector DR-V C2-23, Planet A 5, coordinates 44.818, -31.389) and Crashed Anaconda (Orrere, Planet 2 B, coordinates 43.8122, -173.9722).

Paso 1: Felicity Farseer

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (1)


Best module:frame shift units


  • Scout-Rang(requires 270,000 CR of exploration earnings)

  • To give1 metal alloy

Jump down with a Universal Discovery Scanner and at least 1 Cargo RackMaiaand honk at every system you jump through. InMaia, you can buy 1metal alloyinEl progreso de Darniellefor 113,355 cr. If you don't want to spend the money, you can minemeta alloysin I amMeropeSystem on Merope 2 A, but you need a detailed surface scan and SRV to find and acquire them.

once you have themmetal alloy, go toEurybien, and give their universal cartographic data to themafia blue eurybia. This should give you the appropriate means of communicating with Scout while also helping youLiz Ryderdown the street

even more toDeciat, and donate yoursmetal alloyafelicity weitseherinat Farseer Inc. mod Farseer until you get informationishmael jury, then go toNguriiSystem.

Note: It is recommended that you improve your Frame Shift Drive as much as possible with the Long Range mod. This greatly simplifies the entire journey.

Step 2: Elvira Martuuk

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (2)


Best module:frame shift units


  • Travel 300 LY from your starting locationFINISH

  • Offer3 Soon to the relics

now that you're inNgurii, go toCity of Tscheranowski. there you can buy3 Soon to the relicsfor 19,885 Cr per ton (needs the winery). travel tolong term basisin themChungive systemSoon to the relicsand update your modules until you get informationZacharias NemoyMarco Qwint.

Step 3: Qwent Framework

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (3)


Best module:Power plants (level 4)


  • get access toSyriaSystem (Invitation ofSyrian Corporation)

  • Deploy 25 unitsmodular terminals

    (Video) CMDRs Toolbox Just Got Even Better!

Grab your best scout ship and plan a 5000 LY route from your starting system. At least honk any system, but some scans with a detailed surface scanner help across the board too. When you're at the end of your route, select your launch system to make sure it's more than 5,000 LY away, then go toprotionSystem. Send your data in a stationSyrian Corporationuntil they invite youSyriasystem and buy theSirius Approval, then go to78 Big Dipperand give the rest of the data to a station you ownAlioth Independent.From here, combine at least 30 tons of load capacity, buy a cheap product and take onedata deliveryMission, preferably with Modular Terminals as a reward, but not necessary.

Once you land at the end of the data delivery mission, sell the goods and buy a new one. take a new onedata deliveryorder formodular terminals(or not), rinse and repeat until you are 25modular terminals. This will help you along the way.Lei Cheungand unlockQwint.

To return toSyriawith yourmodular terminals, complete a mission to unlock itMarco Qwint(provided at each station in Sirius. May require flipping the board) donate yoursmodular terminalsaMarco Qwintand classify it until you get information aboutprofessor palinylori jameson.

Step 4: Professor Palin

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (4)


Best module:engines


  • Have a maximum distance of 5000 LY from your starting location.FINISH

  • offer 25Sensorfragmente(Formerly known as Unknown Fragments)

back downsector of the pleiadeswith a hand SRV and ir to the systemhip 17403. inhip 17403, land on the planetHIP 17403 A 4 Aat coordinates -34.98, -141.30. There will be a crashed Thargoid shipunknown artifactsySensorfragmentescattered by. Collect 7 drops of Sensor Fragments (they count as materials, so they don't require carrying capacity). jump toArcoand hand over the fragments of your sensor andYou have finished the Elvira Martuuk line!

Step 5: The Resident

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (5)


Best module:power distributor


  • Sell ​​at5 black markets.

  • págale500.000 Cr.

head on backArcoand end up somewhere outsideLi Yong-Rui-Raum. Buy a cheap product (again for Lei Cheung) and then take acargo deliveryMission with 5 charge, minimum. Abort the mission immediately, then look for 5 nearbyblack markets. With everyoneblack market, sell a stolen good, sell your unstolen good, buy a cheap new good, then go to the nearest black market until you have sold everyoneWyrdSystem. land onblack fur, dona 500,000 cr athe inhabitant, and classify it until you get information about itLei Cheung.

Step 6: Lei Cheung

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (6)


Best module:shield generators


  • I changed50 scored

  • To give200 tons of gold

You should be on the right track to have operated in50 scoredIn the meantime, if you've bought and sold commodities along the way. Finish your operation at different stations around theLaksak then land at a station in theLaksak System. Hence you buy so muchOroas it fits (All seasons inLaksak SaleOro, conpinto cityyCentro Hedinless expensive) and donate it toLei Cheungindealer break. Rinse and repeat until you've donated 200 tons, then sortLei Cheunguntil you receive the invitationcopper of.

Step 7: Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (7)


Best module:The multi-cannonyrail guns


  • earn more than15 prize vouchers

  • Offer100.000 Crin the value ofreward couponsatrophy campinLobo 397

This one is pretty straightforward. Kill some wanted NPCs at the navigation beacon inLobo 397until they're worth 100,000 Cr, then turn them introphy camp. rank uptod mcquinnuntil you get informationselene jean.

Paso 8: Selene Jean

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (8)

(Video) Elite Dangerous | Unlocking Engineers | Marco Quent

Hour:The longest

Best module:armoryhull reinforcement packs


  • Miaand at least perfect it500 tons of ore

  • Dale a Selene10 units of painite

This is an idiot. To return to78 Big Dipper, and getallywith theAlioth Independent, yFreundlichwith theAllianzlike an everything. From there, take your best merchant ship, equip it for mining, and then find one.flawless metal ring. Mine there until you buy it10 heat, then go to apristine ice ring, and extract the rest of the 500 tons while storing everythingbromelitapossible.Don't leave until you have 50 tons of bromelite and 10 tons of painite!

Go toKukdonate yoursHeat, and rank upselene jeanuntil you get informationdidi vatermannyBill Turner.

Paso 9: Bill Turner

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (9)


Best module:Plasmabeschleunigerysensors


  • To winFreundlichState with theAllianzyalliesState with theAliot Independentto obtain an access permitAliot.FINISH

  • To give50 tons of bromeliadsaBill Turner

take your50 tons of bromeliadsaBill Turnerin themAliotSystem. That's it. He has already done all the work in steps 3 and 8.

Step 10: Didi father man

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (10)


Best module:shield booster


  • have atrade rangeVondistributorthe tallest

  • Offer50 units of Lavian's Brandy

Due to his conquest of the markets of the galaxy forLei Cheung, you should be relatively close to having thosetrader rankAlready. If not, do some cargo missions until you get there, then head to theManufactureSystem.

Once inManufacture, go tolow stationand buy the maximum capacity of 12 tons (10,365 Cr each). bring them toVatermann LLC, donate them, then go back and repeat the process until you donate 50 units.You have completed the Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn series!

Paso 11: Liz Ryder

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (11)


Best module:rocket racksyTorpedomasten


  • Get Cordial orFreundlichState with themafia blue eurybiaFINISH

  • Offer200 units of land mines.

you should be friends with himmafia blue eurybiafrom way before in step one, so all you need to do is get200 tons of land mineswill giveunlimited cancellation. rangLiz Ryderthrough grades 3-4 and must receive an invitation fromNow.

Step 12: Hera Tani

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (12)

(Video) Pre-Engineered FSD How to Get It | Elite dangerous


Best module:Energy plantsyDetailed surface scans


  • become oneoutsider or superiorin themReich.

  • Offer50 units of pure Kamitra

find a nice oneEmpire-Systemwith a station near its star and do some missions until you get oneMission Imperiale Rangaufstieg. Complete this mission, go toKamitra, buy the maximum14 tons of Kamitra-Zigarren(6218 Cr each), donate them toNowinthe spout holein themTo closethen do it over and over again until you have donated all 50 tons. Sort them until you get informationbroo tarquinyGood luck Tiana.

Step 13: Ishmael Jury

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (13)


Best module:mortar,Detailed surface scanner, ysensors


  • earn more than50 battle bonds

  • take care of yuriBattle Bonds worth 100,000 - 1,000,000 Cr(Change).

Yuri is quite direct. Find a system in aKriegocivil warStatus on Galaxy Map, go to aconflict zoneand page with a faction in the Functions tab in your system panel. Fight with them until you destroy them.50 enemy ships(You may need to make multiple trips to and from a station to do this), then saveBonuses worth 1,000,000 Cr. Go tothe giriasSystem and enter the bonuses to unlock themjuri. Sort through it until you get the invite.The coffinyCoronel Bris covers.

Step 14: Broo Tarquin

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (14)


Best module:haz,Burst, ypulse laser


  • To winKampfrangVonCompetentthe tallestFINISH

  • To give50 units of Fujin tea.

Deal withTod "The Blaster" McQuinyishmael jurymust have at or near Competent. End the range in aresource extraction siteoconflict zone, then go toEnter the spaceportin themFujinSystem. This takes a while fromCamiseta Fujinonly 5 tons are sold at a time, but it has a low price of 397 Cr/t. Make your round tripsbroo tarquininbroo's legacyin themMuanguntil you have delivered the 50 tons.

This is the end of the guide. The other engineers are listed below, with their requirements and why they weren't included in the guide.

Zacariah Nemo: dead end engineer

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (15)

Nemo doesn't really offer a meaningful grind that can be used to further your progression with engineers, nor does it flesh out a critical module.

Best module:frag cannons


  • Receive an invitation fromfiesta de yoru

  • Offer25 units Xihe Compañeros

Lori Jameson: time consuming

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (16)

(Video) Unlocking Felicity Farseer

Lori jamessonis parkedShinrarta Dezhra, which means you must be at least an Elite rank to access them.

Best module:tablespoons of fuel,AFMU,vital support,shield cell banks,refineries, yalle Utility-Scanner.


  • To winKampfrangVonDangerousthe tallest

  • Offer25 units of Congo Ale.

Ram Tah: Dead End Engineer

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (17)

VerZacharias Nemo.

Best module:limpet controller,temperature drops,defense point,ECM, ySpreuwerfer


  • have ascan rangeVoncountry fairsfrom above

  • To give50 classified scan database units

Tiana Fortune: dead end engineer

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (18)

VerZacharias Nemo

Best module:utility-scanner,parador,limpet controller, ysensors


  • WillFreundlichwith theReich

  • Offer50 units of decoded emission data

Colonel Bris Dekker: Useless

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (19)

You don't bring in other engineers, or offer a service that other engineers can't do better.

Best module:circuit breaker FSD


  • WillFreundlichwith thefederation

  • worry in between1,000,000 -10,000,000 Cr in Federal Combat Bonds

The Sergeant: Dead End Engineer

Guide to Unlocking Engineers Quickly: CMDRs ToolBox (20)

Yes, that again.

Best module:pistols


  • become somethingMarine Guardor higher with theFederal Navy

  • To give50 units to analyze patterns of deviated shields.

Well folks, firstly I hope this all fits into a reddit post, but secondly thanks for reading and I hope this helps you find your way to a higher ship. All comments are welcome!

(Video) HOW to UNLOCK Guardian Frame shift drive booster made simple. Elite Dangerous.


How do you unlock engineers in elite dangerous? ›

Requirements: Earn more than 50 Combat Bonds. Provide Juri with 100,000 - 1,000,000 Cr worth of Combat Bonds (it changes).

How do you level up engineers in elite dangerous? ›

Engineer Ranks

With some Engineers, reputation can also be increased by selling commodities, exploration data, or bounty vouchers at their Workshops. It should be noted that Engineers may not be able to craft all 5 modification grades for a module type.

How do I unlock Engineer? ›

Engineer will be unlocked when you've completed 30 stages in Risk of Rain 2. This amount is added cumulatively, meaning you don't have to complete 30 stages in one single playthrough.

How do you unlock the goblin Engineer? ›

Alliance: To become a Goblin Engineer your toon needs to be at least level 30 and 200 in general Engineering. You then need to create 20 Big Iron Bombs, 20 Solid Dynamite and 5 Explosive Sheep. If you are level 200 Engineer you will already have the schematics to make them.

How do you unlock Chloe Sedesi? ›

Achieve Grade 3 access plus at least 1/3 progress towards Grade 4 with Marco Qwent. Travel a distance of 5,000 light years or more from career start system. Provide 25 units of Sensor Fragments. Craft modules, or sell exploration data at Cinder Dock.

How can I upgrade my Engineering fast? ›

To raise your engineering in New World from Level 0 to Level 100, what you are going to do is to get Gunpowder. Charcoal, Flint, and Saltpeter are very plentiful in the Windsword of the games. You can also make Iron Arrows and Iron Cartridges, mostly the Iron Cartridges depending on if you had gunpowder or not.

What is the most populated star system in elite dangerous? ›

Top 100 > Visited systems
#SystemUnique Traffic
1Shinrarta Dezhra37,325
96 more rows

How do you unlock Engineer secondary? ›

Completing the Engineering Perfection challenge will unlock Engineer as a playable survivor.

What is better Gnome or Goblin Engineering? ›

Gnomish engineering specialises in utility devices (shrink ray etc) whereas goblin specialises in explosives. For PvP goblin is the better choice since only goblin engineers can craft Sapper Charges. Which means if you aren't a goblin engineer you'll have to buy them from someone else at an inflated price.

Can you learn both goblin and Gnomish Engineering? ›

Core/Profession: Both Gnomish & Goblin Engineering can be learnt on same character #25855.

How do I force the goblin army to summon? ›

"A goblin army has arrived!"
The criteria for a Goblin Invasion to occur naturally are as follows:
  1. It must be daytime (4:30 AM is when it triggers).
  2. At least one Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart must have been destroyed.
  3. At least one player must have 200 health or more. ...
  4. There must be no Goblin Invasion already in progress.

How do you unlock Juri Ishmaak? ›

Access Requirements

Earn 50 Combat Bonds. Provide 100,000 to 1,000,000 credits worth of Combat Bonds (the amount needed varies depending on whether meeting requirement was fulfilled with Federation combat bonds or not). Craft modules, or turn in Combat Bonds at Pater's Memorial.

How do you unlock Zacariah in Nemo? ›

Access Requirements. Achieve Grade 3 access plus at least 1/3 progress towards Grade 4 with Elvira Martuuk. Attain a Friendly or higher relationship with the Party of Yoru minor faction to receive an invitation mission. Provide 25 units of Xihe Biomorphic Companions.

Which engineering branch is easiest to pass? ›

Which is an easy field of engineering to pursue? Answer- In contrast to other fields, Computer Science engineering is considered to be easier.

What is the hardest engineering to get into? ›

What Is the Hardest Engineering Major?
Top 3 Hardest Engineering MajorsTop 3 Easiest Engineering Majors
1. Chemical engineering (19.66 hours)1. Industrial engineering (15.68 hours)
2. Aero and astronautical engineering (19.24 hours)2. Computer engineering and technology (16.46 hours)
1 more row

Can you finish engineering in 3 years? ›

BTech is commonly a 4 year programme with one year of industrial internship and a 4th year capstone design project. The MTech programme is a two year programme. The core of these degrees is the study and practical application of technologies in various fields of study. It cannot be completed in three years.

Is Elite Dangerous fully explored? ›

As of December 16, 2019, only 0.042% of the galaxy had been explored. As of January 20, 2022, only 0.05% of the galaxy, or exactly 222,083,678 unique star systems, had been explored.

Does Elite Dangerous have the entire galaxy? ›

Our galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars and all of them can be found in Elite: Dangerous.

What do I need for Engineering elite dangerous? ›

  • Unlocking Engineers.
  • Materials Needed.
  • Pinning Blueprints.
  • Odyssey HAB Data Ports.
  • Odyssey Falloff.

How do you unlock gnomish Engineering? ›

In order to specialize to Gnomish engineering you must first do these things, in order.
  1. Get artisan engineering. ...
  2. Go to Tinkerwiz in Ratchet. ...
  3. Get the Gnome Engineering quest from him. ...
  4. Talk to Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay. ...
  5. Complete the quest and the next one he gives you. ...
  6. Complete "Show Your Work."
  7. Enjoy.

How do I unlock Legion Engineering? ›

Legion Engineer is rewarded for completing the Aww Scrap! quest. You can get this quest from Hobart Grapplehammer in Dalaran. (Broken Isle Dalaran, not Northrend).

How do you unlock Engineer spider mines? ›

To unlock the Spider Mines skill, you must finish the achievement “Engineer: 100% Calculated” first. It is completed by defeating the teleporter boss in less than 5 seconds after it spawns. This should be a piece of cake compared to Artificer's one second kill achievement.

What is the most valuable mineral in elite dangerous? ›

The most sought-after minerals in missions are painite, osmium and platinum.

What is the most valuable resource in elite dangerous? ›

The most profitable core mining material is either Void Opals or Low Temperature Diamonds. Void opals are commonly found around Icy rings. There are worth upwards of 650k per ton.

What is the best exploration ship in elite dangerous? ›

The best ship for this build is the Krait Phantom. There are a handful of ships that excel at exploration for one reason or another, but the Krait fits this build perfectly. It's one of the best medium ships available owing to its versatility and impressive Jump Range.

Which is better goblin or Gnomish Engineering? ›

Gnomish engineering specialises in utility devices (shrink ray etc) whereas goblin specialises in explosives. For PvP goblin is the better choice since only goblin engineers can craft Sapper Charges. Which means if you aren't a goblin engineer you'll have to buy them from someone else at an inflated price.

How do you get both goblin and Gnomish Engineering? ›

Steps to reproduce the problem:
  1. Speak with Springspindle Fizzlegear in Ironforge.
  2. Choose Gnomish Engineering and complete quest. ...
  3. Head to Tanaris and speak with Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan. ...
  4. Undertake his quest Show Your Work which unlocks Goblin Engineering.
  5. Complete it and you now have both.
Jan 15, 2021

What script does gnomish use? ›

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and Gnomish. The Gnomish language, which uses the Dwarvish script, is renowned for its technical treatises and its catalogs of knowledge about the natural world.

How do you unlock outland engineering? ›

This can be learned at Shattrath at the Scryer's Tier; at 43.8, 90.4, inside the building you will find a number of clickable bookcases, each of which is named after a specific profession. Click the bookcase labeled "Engineering" and you will be able to interact with it as you would with a regular engineering trainer.

How do you unlock Broken Isles in Legion? ›

Legion World Quests require that you reach level 45 and complete the quest Uniting the Isles. This quest requires that you reach Friendly status with all the factions of the Broken Isles.

How do I unlock northrend Engineering? ›

Northrend Engineering can be taught by Timofey Oshenko in Dalaran (Crystalsong Forest) at 38,25.

Can you have more than 2 Engineer turrets? ›

Lysate Cell can increase the maximum number of turrets that can be deployed to 3. Stacking further Lysate Cells on top will not increase the number of turrets that can be deployed, but can still allow the Engineer to redeploy turrets faster when they are destroyed.

Is visions of heresy good for Engineer? ›

As with most items, Visions of Heresy will affect Engineer's turrets as well as the Engineer himself. Due to both the difficulty of hitting the Bouncing Grenades and the turrets' inherent auto-aim, it may be a good investment to increase both you and your turrets' damage outputs.

How many turrets can you have in risk of rain 2? ›

Everyone can place down two turrets and shoot down monsters, but it takes practice to strafe around the map and use your primary attack well. Engineer's versatile and damage-oriented kit makes him perfect for solo or group runs alike.


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