The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (2023)

If you want to have a memorable dining experience then I suggest you find a restaurant that has a hibachi grill where they cook in front of you.

If hibachi grilling is a new term to you, it's a Japanese cooking/dining experience where you choose your food and have a chef cook it right in front of your eyes.

Hibachi restaurants are a lot of fun, especially when the chef shows off a lot of impressive party tricks. So if you want to try something new, check out this list of great hibachi restaurants that I'm about to show you.

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you

What to Expect from Hibachi Grilling Restaurants

Hibachi restaurants you must try

1. Benihana

3. Aburiya Kinnosuke

4. Gyu-Kaku

5. Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse en Sushibar

6. Nikos

7. Flame

8. Okini

9. Sushi Ko uit New York

10. Amura Japanese Cuisine

What to expect from hibachi grill restaurants

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (1)

If you have decided to go thereHibachigrill restaurant where they cook in front of you, then you have to prepare yourself for the somewhat overstimulating environment that the restaurant has.

As I've said before, a hibachi restaurant is usually a lot of fun, which means you can expect a lot of noise from highly amused diners.

You could even become a rowdy guest. But if you are a quiet type of person, don't worry as some hibachi grill restaurants offer a more relaxed atmosphere where the main goal is to make guests feel like a private chef is serving them in a luxurious room.

Another thing you can expect from a hibachi grill restaurant is the great taste of the fresh produce. Since hibachi restaurants are often Japanese, most use fresh ingredients for their dishes. Some hibachi grill restaurants even have their ingredients shipped from Japan.

However, since there is no such thing as perfect, one thing I don't like about hibachi restaurants is the heat.

Since hibachi restaurants usually use open grills, you may end up being engulfed in a rather large cloud of smoke, or you may just start sweating from the heat emanating from the stove right in front of you.

However, the warm temperature in a hibachi restaurant is usually worth the delicious food.

Hibachi restaurants you must try

1. Benihana

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (2)

ViaBenihana. com

If you've done your research or asked for hibachi restaurant recommendations, I'm sure you've come across the name Benihana.

Benihana is one of the first hibachi restaurants to ever set foot in the US, so if you're planning on having a hibachi dining experience anytime soon, it's worth checking out.

Going to Benihana will give you a fun and entertaining environment as their chef tries to impress you with great cooking skills that will be on display right in front of you as they cook your food on a large teppanyaki grill in the center from your table.

However, keep in mind that Benihana is not one of the best hibachi joints producing the highest quality food. However, their presentation is really worth watching.

2. Don's Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (3)

Viadonsbogam. with

If you're looking for another Asian hibachi restaurant that isn't Japanese, you might want to try Don's Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar.

Unlike the sushi and sashimi that Japanese hibachi restaurants serve, Don's Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar is a Korean hibachi restaurant that serves delicious Korean beef. Their menu includes luscious pork belly and even lobster tail.

However, Don's Bogam BBQ &WineThe bar may not be for you if you're looking for a lively atmosphere. This hibachi grill restaurant creates a rather elegant yet comfortable dining room with a warm brown and gray color scheme that makes you feel like you are in a high-end dining room.

3. Aburiya Kinnosuke

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (4)

If you want food with a smoky flavor then Aburiya Kinnosuke is the restaurant for you. Unlike other hibachi restaurants that have aelectric stoveor grill, the chefs at Aburiya Kinnosuke cook your food with a charcoal grill.

Another impressive thing about Aburyiya Kinnosuke is that they use fresh ingredients supplied from all over the world. If you want to try a great cut of meat then you must try the famous Washu Beef.

If you don't like beef and want some seafood then you can try the tuna collar dish which will definitely give you the authentic feelof Japandining experience this hibachi grill restaurant has to offer.

4. Gyu-Kaku

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (5)

You may have noticed that most hibachi grill restaurants have professional chefs who will entertain you as they cook your food, which can be frustrating if you want a more interactive dining experience.

But don't give up hope yet, because there are also hibachi restaurants where you can cook for your guests.

Gyu-Kaku is a Japanese restaurant where guests can prepare their food on a charcoal grill. You can easily enjoy a Gyu-Kaku dining experience as it has a large chain of restaurants across the US.

But despite being a chain restaurant, the vibe of the place makes you feel like you're in a high-end Asian restaurant. In addition, the ingredients they use for their dishes are all fresh, especially the meat for the filet mignon and the seafood such as lobster and sea bass.

5. Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse en Sushibar

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (6)

Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is the perfect family-friendly hibachi grill restaurant. They seat you at communal tables where you can watch the entertaining performances of their professional chefs.

You will be able to get the usualsushiand sashimi that you would expect from any decent Japanese restaurant, along with other meats that are perfect for grilling.

Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is also a great place to have exotic drinks, but keep them away from children if you plan to bring your family.

6. Nico

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (7)

Another hibachi restaurant perfect for family or group gatherings is Nikko. This hibachi grill restaurant is guaranteed to put a great smile on your face with its professional chefs who are known for putting on a highly entertaining show for their customers.

However, if you're looking for gourmet cuisine, this may not be the place for you.Nicoserves entertaining cuisine that is a far cry from gourmet cuisine. Nikko's menu consists of cheap and budget meals that are quite good for their price.

In addition, their staff is very helpful and accommodating. If you want to try a hibachi restaurant that is cheap but puts on a great show, Nikko might be the right choice for you.

7. Flame

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (8)

Viaflamenco how

A hibachi restaurant known for its unique and impressive food presentation is Flame. This restaurant provides you with the perfect atmosphere while enjoying your hibachi dining experience.

However, if you plan on eating a lot, Flame's small plates may not be enough to fill you up. But despite the small portions, their food is certainly as good as it looks, especially their steak, fried pork dumplings andink ink fried rice.

8. Okini

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (9)

Japanese seafood has to be one of the most delicious dishes in the world. Unfortunately, good-tasting seafood usually comes at a high price. Lucky for you, a hibachi restaurant called Okinii serves great seafood dishes for less than $20 USD.

If you like salmon tempura rolls or prawn mango rolls then this is the perfect restaurant for you.okayit can also be the perfect restaurant for you if you are in a bit of a hurry as their helpful staff are very quick in serving food.

9. My New York sushi

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (10)

Vianewyorksushiko. com

New York Sushi Ko has been closed for months, but the restaurant has made a comeback and now offers the best food a hibachi restaurant has to offer.

The great thing about New York Sushi Ko is that they source their ingredients specially fresh from the famous Japanese seafood markets, Tsujiki andFukuoka.

If you try to dine here, you will definitely feel the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. Please note, however, that photography and the use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited in this restaurant.

10. Amura Japanese Cuisine

The 10 great restaurants where they cook in front of you (11)

If you're in the mood for freshly made sushi, Hibachi Amura Japanese Cuisine is the place to go. This hibachi restaurant offers fast service and really great tasting Uni (sea urchin) sushi.

The restaurant is known for its nigiri sushi because of the fresh ingredients it is made with. So if you are a fan of nigiri sushi, don't forget to visit this restaurant.

Choosing a hibachi restaurant

As you can see, there are all kinds of hibachi restaurants. From affordable chain restaurants to upscale restaurants with ingredients flown in from another continent, you're sure to find one that's right for you.

But if there's one thing I'd recommend, it's to save up for the luxury, because good Japanese food at a hefty price is always worth it.

If you liked this article and would like to read more of it, leave your comments in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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