The best sci-fi movies of all time to stream now (2023)

If only our half-dozen subscription plans could guarantee unlimited access to everyoneScience-Fictionclassic film from the beginning of time, we don't need itLisalike this. But thanks to the capricious whims oftransmissionOfferings from one season to the next, you can never be sure which iconic movies to watchMetropoleÖTHX-1138(trust us, we're looking) are included in that monthly fee.

In fact, it's difficult to rely solely on streaming for instant access to some of the brightest stars in the constellation of sci-fi film history. it probably was (or will be) back on a platform's ever-rotating menu. Sure, some big franchises always seem to be there for us:war of starsjWonderfulMeanwhile, fans always eat well at Disney+peacockHe holds the magical keys to the sprawling kingdom of the Harry Potter franchise.

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But for all its grandeur, the rest of the classic sci-fi film library is deeper and broader than Hogwarts or the galaxy far, far away. That's where we stepped in to round up the crème of the highest-grossing sci-fi movies of all time that you can stream right now, and more importantly, where to find them. We will update the list as some titles drop and others really,Reallywanted to find the way back to Broadcast Dial at some point. But if you can't wait to dive into the cinematic depths of the classic sci-fi movie pool, consider this your handy cheat guide.

2001: A Space Odyssey(HBOmax)

Stanley Kubrick's genre-defining glimpse into humanity and its most distant awakening never seems to get old. Even in an entertainment world full of sci-fi movies influenced by his 1968 masterpiece,2001: A Space Odysseyof timeless purity, whose epic imagery, the thrill of man versus machine and the quest for transcendence combine to create a cinematic history lesson that feels incredibly fresh in the present from one generation to the next.


Films that build their fantasy worlds from the ground up hold a special place in our minds and a first for James Cameron.avatarThe film laid the groundwork for a Pandora playground that fans can finally explore further with a full-length sequel.Avatar: The Way of Water. When a sci-fi movie verse is this awesome, otherworldly and, well, thisazul, an entire movie franchise is worth framing, and Cameron's 2009 classic marks the place in space where it all began.

Apollo 13(peacock)

It's kind of a scam to include thatApollo 13on this list because it's not really scienceFiction. Ron Howard already took compelling real world source material and turned it into one of the finest space racing movies based on the history of the universe, the epic dramatic portrayal of NASA's ill-fated moon mission in 1970. The all-star quartet Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon , Gary Sinise and Bill Paxton awaken on an exciting journey where every instinctive choice, moment by moment, matters. In doing so, Apollo 13 gave audiences a seat in the cockpit alongside astronaut heroes that few similar space dramas, either before or since, have managed to capture.

Avengers: Infinite War(Disney+)

Most of the MCU calls Disney+ home, so picking which ones to place is a bit difficult.Avengers: Infinite Waron a streaming list where any other Marvel film could end up. But the Russo brothers' 2018 epic really is next-level, even by MCU standards: it did an even better job of juggling its massive hero castthe end of the gameSequel, told an amazingly well-acted story at incredibly high stakes, and the finale, which ended with Thanos' devastating finger-snapping, landed with a punch in the gut that few movies on this site have managed.The Empire Strikes Back.

Batman begins(HBOmax)

The portrayal of the late Heath Ledger as the Joker in Christopher Nolan's filmThe dark knightThe sequel seems to be getting all the love these days, but that's almost unfair to the first film in Nolan's milestone.BatmanTrilogy.Batman beginstells one of the best heroic stories you'll see in any cinema era, and these early introductions to Bruce Wayne's menagerie of supporting actors, from Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox to Michael Caine's stiff-upper lip Alfred Pennyworth, do the kind of delicious world-building you'd expect can only be experienced in the film that started it all.

Awarded accommodation(Hulu)

Some of us think Ridley Scott's 1982 classic can't be beat, while others are a little more adamant about Denis Villeneuve's 2017 sequel. Either way, you can't understand the current state of science fiction without going back to the original.Awarded accommodation, and the Scott-approved "Final Cut" version on Hulu ensures you don't miss the legendary director's creative vision in all its full-scale dystopian grandeur.

Blade runner 2049(Hulu)

Hey, if you're watchingAwarded accommodation, you're already on Hulu, so it makes sense to come full circle by witnessing this seemingly impossible cinematic featBlade runner 2049achieved by delivering a stand-up sequel to Ridley Scott's universally acclaimed sci-fi masterpiece. Guided by cinematographer Roger Deakins' inimitable eye, almost every moment2049It's a sultry visual feast, and dare we say it, the film's humanizing story about an android who sacrifices everything could easily outperform its predecessor when it comes to telling a compelling story.

dark city(first video)

Director Alex Proyas combined a unique world-building aesthetic with a suspenseful thriller in 1998.dark city, follows the fate of a man falsely accused of committing a massacre whose true motives simply cannot be guessed until the real perpetrators are revealed. It's also a big reveal:dark citywields the sci-fi hurdles to condense some of humanity's greatest questions into a neat, movie-length spectacle, and leaves its players stranded in a dizzyingly disorienting environment that feels like the ultimate existential carpet train. We prefer the tight original version to the fast-paced Director's Cut; However, both versions are available on Prime Video.

Donnie Darko(HBOmax)

An antisocial high school kid, a creepy guy in a bunny suit, and a time warp tragedy that trades one life for saving everyone else - there's nothing quite like it.Donnie Darko, director Richard Kelly's sometimes funny, sometimes frightening tale of extraordinary events set in 2001 with an ordinary, loving family in an ordinary (and a little Spielberg-like) small town. Stars Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal bring a real-life sibling relationship to a slow-burning sci-fi classic that's since become meme stuff, but the real treat ofDonnie DarkoIt's not in the sarcasm: it's about slowly identifying with a sarcastically screwed-up kid who, as fate would have it, ends up with the truest heart of all.

The fly(HBOmax)

The flyIt's your one-stop movie store to efficiently pick up a ton of must-watch sci-fi horror tropes and have a blast doing it. In master body horror David Cronenberg's 1986 update of the 1950s creature classic, a scientist gets too engrossed in his mutant work, while star Jeff Goldblum progresses through his career with a seriousness and innocence that makes up for the endearing on-screen sarcasm he's often at most famous. these days. No movie can spell the answer to the enduring mystery of why monster movies scare people... but they canThe flyis considered one of those archetypal films that artfully - and chillingly - poses the question squarely to the audience.

Cat(first video)

Masking mankind's purest aspirations beneath a cool modern aesthetic, sci-fi movies never fail to win us over, and few movies capture that vibe better thanCat. In 1997, it presciently anticipated some of the dystopian technological dilemmas that plague our world today, and has the beating heart of a sports hero film in which Ethan Hawke's genetically disadvantaged antagonist finds a way to overcome rigid social security safeguards designed to prevent his peers from ever getting thereafter grabs stars. Featuring Jude Law playing a disabled substitute who donates his much-vaunted DNA within the group, plus a nod to the rules of Gore Vidal as the leader of the space race, quietly supporting Hawke's underdog.Catit lands on optimism in a cruelly hierarchical world that, despite its efficient design, simply cannot destroy the spirit of the individual.

my favorite villain(peacock)

In a cynical world whose worries are perhaps all too often mirrored in doom and gloom on the big screen, Gru and the Minions emerged in 2010 to deliver a soulful pulse of optimism that previously seemed exclusively Disney's domain. Being a supervillain comes with its own occupational hazard in Despicable Me, the film that launched Illumination Entertainment into blockbuster territory neighboring Pixar and spawned a delightful, family-friendly franchise that will make adults smile while kids can Have fun. Steve Carrell and Russell Brand, along with Julie Andrews, break out of their boxed zones to bring Gru's team an unmistakably memorable voice trio, while the story of the moon thief sets the stage for a franchise made for good fun by healing audiences' expectations about ruthless. terribly bad As an added fun bonus, the Despicable Me 2 and Minions sequels are also available in Peacock.

Jurassic Park(HBO-MAX.)

Steven Spielberg's first dinosaur show is still his best.Jurassic ParkUpon its release in 1993, it slammed straight into the box office and straight into sci-fi film history, roaring a perfectly synthesized mix of groundbreaking effects, chilling scares, and high-profile questions about what we humans could or should try. to do with all our biotechnological ambitions. As with most of Spielberg's best films, you don't have to worry to appreciate itJurassic Parklike a pure adrenaline rollercoaster ride... but in the same spirit as Jeff Goldblum's introspective Dr. Ian Malcolm digs his claws into the design of the unsettling effects of messing with Mother Nature.

jurassic world(peacock)

Spielberg's next generation of dinosaur mayhem launched in 2015jurassic world, which brings two decades of cinematic breakthroughs to an effective re-imagining of the dangers that still awaited Isla Nublar. Today's fans tend to watch the newer ones.jurassic worldfranchise more like a fun popcorn fest than its intellectually inquisitive 1993 inspiration. But if you're looking for a lesson,jurassic worldBring on the Goods: How else can you explain that you are repeating John Hammond's fatal amusement park mistake of forcing nature to cooperate with the foolish and lucrative dreams of mankind?


you start to believe Few films of any genre, nearly a quarter century after their release, can claim such a seminal impact on filmmakers and viewers today as Neo's original split fromMatrix. Despite sequels that never quite lived up to the expectations set by the Wachowskis' landmark first film in 1999, Keanu Reeves' first appearance as The One routinely ranks high on nearly every list of the best sci-fi movies any times. Of all the effects-heavy sci-fi films released before the turn of the millennium,Matrix- both for its groundbreaking story and groundbreaking visual effects - still stands as a timeless dystopian allegory that seems to have fallen out of time.

men in black(Hulu)

Pure popcorn-eating entertainment from start to finish, featuring the unlikely Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jonesmen in blackThe team is considered the definition of "summer blockbuster". The film, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, opened in 1997 on an epic Fourth of July weekendMIBenjoyed what was at the time the third best-grossing theatrical debut of all time while spawning a franchise of Alien films that seemed to unleash the limitless latent potential in the rarely-seen blend of high-effects sci-fi and backstabbing comedy. The cast was crucial to the film's irresistible appeal: Smith and Jones were just the cornerstones of an incredible ensemble cast that also made the most of the hilarious turns of Linda Fiorentino, the late great Rip Torn and Vincent D'Onofrio as the monster alien. .

Minority message(Netflix, Paramount+)

In his long career, Steven Spielberg has mastered every style, from pulpy thrillers that can't help but look the partduelto radical historical dramas likeSchindlers ListjThere Soldier James Ryan. But among its many sci-fi triumphs, perhaps no Spielberg film has woven such an elegant and intricate story asMinority message, a dystopian thriller of state control that puts Tom Cruise at the center of a technology-driven conspiracy to escape and capture a murderer while simultaneously trying not to become a murderer. No matter how often you come backMinority messageIn the precog-protected world, you'll be sure to go home with new discoveries and a renewed appreciation for one of the greatest sci-fi creative minds to ever produce motion pictures.


Did you know that a Jordan Peele film would be somewhere on this list, and yes, you were right: it isno. With touches of original writing and outstanding performances from Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun, there is something undefinably special about Peele's third totally original horror film. Secure,Go outjUsThey were films that fully explored big (and scary) ideas. ButnoIt goes a step further than its Peele-produced ancestors, synthesizing the horror beats fans have come to expect with a spectacularly surreal dose of numinous, sky-seeking grandeur.noOpen fear is only half the story in a scary film that's really about how our experiences take on a life of their own through the metal lens of heightened sensory perception.


Mud, blood, and a desperate run through the jungle wrongly tipped in favor of the alien with a monopoly on all deadly stalker technology: 1987's John McTiernanpredatorIt might be billed as a sci-fi action movie, but for our money it's also one of the scariest movies out there. Arnold Schwarzenegger's dialogue-sparse cat-and-mouse hunt with a near-omnipotent visitor from space drew much tension from a plot that relied more on visual storytelling, often without words, while the watching camera kept viewers in their seats. Watch it again with fresh eyes that have forgotten all of the franchise's family histories that have inspired the film since then, and enjoy the coolness of the original.predatorit still feels Dutch and the gang are starting to realize what they're really dealing with.

Robot head(excellent+)

One of the great sci-fi fables that questions the futuristic fusion of man and machine,Robot headhas gone to great lengths for gory violence to show how well prepared humanity is for a society that relies on the AI-powered app. Director Paul Verhoeven invented a 1987 dystopian tale that combined the deadly serious themes of robotic automation and law and order with brutal effect, while telling a timeless tale that seems impressively prescient for a first-release film make it safe. Skip all the high-concept stuff and still enjoy yourselfRobot headWith Your Brain On Autopilot: It's still a killer action film in its own right, whether you're looking for social commentary or just vibrate for the chaos of a cyborg movie.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan(HBOmax)

we are very far from itFantasieinsel1982Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, with the late Ricardo Montalbán trading his warm Hawaiian TV smile for a power-signalling space mullet as the titular villain Khan Noonien Singh. fans far superiorKhans Zornas one ofStar TrekThe best films in the franchise that have no plot on our part - it's one of the deepest and most emotional films everEmigratecanon and ties a villain with believable motivations - something that fans of the TV series couldn't always take for granted - with the legendary old-school cast of Kirk, Spock, Bones and the otherscompanyGang.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back(Disney+)

transmit everythingwar of starsMovies to your heart's content on Disney+, but if you just want a quick dip in the original trilogy,The Empire Strikes Backwill always be your best choice. Looking both back and forward into the vast sci-fi universe that George Lucas birthed with his predecessor in 1977,Reichit transformed the series from a single majestic space opera into an impossibly rich saga whose canonical waves suddenly seemed to stretch to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. The prominent but simple themes ofepisode IVexpanded in a way we never tire ofThe Empire Strikes Back- from twisted family secrets to tragically fateful loves to finding the deepest wisdom in places - and faces - you never thought to seek.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day(HBOmax)

Ah-nold and James Cameron upped their gory dystopian game for 1991 in every way.Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which brought a blockbuster budget to a fledgling franchise that was already making legitimate high stakes. Linda Hamilton's breakthrough role as Sarah Connor in the previous 1984 film became an entire family sagaT2Casting Schwarzenegger's cyborg in the role of a new protector as punky son John (played by Edward Furlong) stayed a half step ahead of the liquid metal Terminator terror that characterized Skynet's new and improved killing machine. The epically explosive sets and one-liners still can't hide the thoughtful story that drives all the action: At the End of the DayT2it's about escaping the consequences of humanity's worst urges by not giving in to them in the first place.

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