Toowoomba Control Panel Updates | Energy Tested (2023)

Toowoomba Control Panel Updates | Energy Tested (1)Older electrical panels (also called fuse panels) have a much higher risk of electrical fires and other safety issues. A panel upgrade is the best way to ensure that your home is protected against electrical problems.

Your electrical panel may have met Australian standards when it was installed, but if your home is years or decades old, there is a good chance it is one of the highest risk components in your home.

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Replacing a fuse wire can be a complex task; A circuit breaker provides a simple toggle switch. It also means future work on your switchgear or electrical system will be easier and usually less expensive.

Depending on the location of the panel, it may not be supported. It is a legal requirement that all electrical work must comply with applicable legislation. So if you're planning other upgrades related to your electrical system, panel upgrades are not optional. Older switchboards were often made of combustible wood or chipboard, backed with asbestos, or contained outdated porcelain fuses. Also, sometimes they don't even contain a safety switch that is supposed to save people in the event of a breakdown.

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Dangers of Older Switchgear Equipment

  • Old ceramic fuses can get hot and melt the wires behind the panel.
  • Loose fuse terminal flashovers can cause a fire
  • Older switchboards are often made of asbestos
  • Some older switchboards do not contain a safety switch

How long does it take to update a dashboard?

The time required to update a switchboard depends on the age of your home and the location of the switchboard.

While a simple upgrade can be completed in as little as four hours, issues like needing to upgrade your main power supply or changing the cable size to your panel can take up to eight hours.

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What is involved in a Switchboard upgrade

A Switchboard update can take up to eight hours or more and can vary depending on the age of the Switchboard and whether there are major issues to address.

Some of the steps taken to update your instrument panel include:

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  • Replace ceramic fuses with circuit breakers and RCDs
  • Safety switch protection upgrades or installation
  • Extend wire size to panel (if necessary)
  • Switch panel relocation to meet legal requirements (if required)

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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