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Are you looking for your next small talk starter? Forget about time, impress all your friends by telling them the benefits of upgrading your phone switchboard. Whether it's the ugly brown box in front of your house that you choose to ignore every time you drive past it or the giant tin box hidden in the basement of your office, let us tell you why it's to your advantage to upgrade your telephone switchboard. . !

Before we get into the fun stuff, we should start with the basics:

What is a distribution board?

Alright, let's not judge if you don't know what a switchboard is. A distribution panel directs electricity from the main source to where it needs to go in your office or home.

Does your distribution board look like this?

(Look away now if you're easily offended by messy, messy, dangerous cables)

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Would you like your table to look like this?

(Wow, so elegant, so simple)

Upgrading your electrical panel is much more than just an electrical panel renovation.

The benefits of upgrading your distribution boards include:

  1. Protect your family and employees from electrocution:Nothing makes you a better boss or family member than making sure your employees and family members don't get electrocuted.

  2. Protecting your property and assets from the potential danger of fire:Due to degraded wiring and faulty fuses, old switchboards can present a fire hazard. By replacing your old control panel, you eliminate the risk of your control panel starting a fire.

  3. Reduce maintenance costs:Who doesn't like to save money? Older equipment requires more regular repairs, which can be quite expensive. Reduce these repairs by swapping out your old frame for a new, more modern one.

  4. Extend the life of your electrical equipment:You're living your best electronic life in 2021 while your telephone switchboard is stuck in the 20th century. Add years to the life of your electrical equipment by upgrading to a modern control panel.

  5. Make sure your company is compliant and provides a safe workplace:The new board we install will be compliant, which means no more sleepless nights worrying that your building is not in good condition. Our circuits will also be upgraded with RCD safety switches, providing a safer workplace.

Who can upgrade my switchboard?

Unfortunately, this is not a 60-minute home makeover task that you can do yourself.

A qualified and licensed electrician should be the only person authorized to complete work on your switchboards. Fortunately, we know the right electricians for the job and you can contact

How much does it cost to replace or upgrade a switchboard?

Can you really put a price on security? Yes we can. However, as switchboards come in a variety of different sizes, each job will need to be priced separately.

Call us today for a quote.

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