True Phone MOD APK 2.0.18 (Pro Unlocked) for Android (2023)

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True Phone MOD APK 2.0.18 (Pro Unlocked) for Android (1)

For those who are already bored with the plain, default phone app on their Android devices, you may want to switch your phone app to allow for new interactions and better user experiences. By the way, True Phone is sure to bring new and refreshing elements to your Android devices with the app's highly customizable and user-friendly interface.

Discover the useful and advanced features of the app that would make your calling and dialing operations much more convenient and convenient. In addition, you can also work with the standard contact tools in the app, which makes the mobile dialer and contacts app extremely useful for all users.

Learn more about this cool mobile hamster beat tool and all its cool features with our reviews.

what does it do

Here in True Phone, Android users have the powerful mobile tool to save contacts, dial numbers, make calls, record conversations and much more. All of this is encapsulated in the app's highly customizable, intuitive and cool user interface that always allows you to make the most of its features.

Similar toTrueCaller, you can also access the mesmerizing themes that will impress any user who logs into True Phone for the first time. And you can customize the designs as you like. Also, enjoy working with the intuitive interface and handy controls that make it super easy for anyone to dial their numbers, look up contacts, or activate quick controls while talking.

Make use of the powerful contact manager that ensures you can always keep track of your registered contacts, import new ones and organize them properly using the features provided in the app.

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True Phone MOD APK 2.0.18 (Pro Unlocked) for Android (4)


For those of you who are interested in the amazing True Phone mobile app, you can now enjoy the free version of the appGoogle-App-Store, which is free to download for all Android users. Feel free to use the features available in the app to start managing your contacts and make calls more conveniently. However, if you want to unlock the full app, there are ads and in-app purchases that might bother you.

In order to ensure that the app works properly on your Android system, it is important that your devices are updated with the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.0 or higher. This should improve the stability and compatibility of the app with your system.

However, this is not enough as the app features also require certain access permissions on your Android devices to work well. So make sure you consider their requests and accept them when you join for the first time.

great features

Here are all the cool features the app has to offer:

Fascinating designs that outperform other apps

Here at True Phone, Android users get a fully updated phone app for their Android devices, making it extremely easy to get into the app and use its features.

Enjoy working with the mesmerizing themes for your incoming and outgoing calls that offer intuitive and stunning graphics to interact with. Here the app will instantly show you the full size photos and caller names so you can easily see who is calling and decide whether to snooze or answer the call.

And if that's not enough, you can also get more detailed information about your information, including jobs, upcoming birthdays, and notes for connected callers. So you can make calls quickly and know exactly what to say and how to say it.

In addition, True Phone offers a variety of different styles and customizable themes for the phone layouts, allowing you to make the most of its features. Just choose to work with your different response styles from Google, iPhone, Huawei, Meizu and many other systems, or get your own simple buttons.

Intuitive screens with full functionality for incoming calls

And while calling, Android users can freely customize the default layouts with their own cool themes and button themes. Feel free to choose from the available themes or make your own changes to make working with the app much more interesting.

Get quick access to the call recording feature on the True Phone, allowing you to automatically enable the recording option at the touch of a button. Feel free to manually adjust the speaker controls or use the proximity sensor to get the optimal volume during calls.

Use simple double-tap actions to quickly return to the call or exit the UI while continuing to call. The giant hang-up button ensures that you can easily hang up the call at any time.

Best T9 dialer app for android users

And for those who are interested, now you can use the powerful and convenient T9 Dialer application for all Android users, which allows them to quickly search for contacts and work on the actions available in the application.

Here the app automatically saves your recent calls in groups, making it super easy for you to look back and continue calling when needed. True Phone's clean design and convenient navigation also make it very easy to browse your recent contacts or dial new numbers.

And the modern and customizable themes also make it easier for you to enjoy in-app experiences. Feel free to choose your favorite dialing UI theme settings to make them more interesting to work with.

And of course, the app also supports dual SIM devices, so you can easily switch between them during the call. Import contacts and numbers from your SIM cards. Make calls with any of them. And enjoy all the benefits of two different SIM cards that can efficiently manage your contacts.

Powerful contact manager to work with

By the way, True Phone provides Android users with a powerful contacts manager to easily view and edit your contacts in one place. Just select your accounts and create new contacts in no time.

Keep all your contacts well managed and organized with the mobile app's powerful tools. And even if you're new to the Phone app, the helpful hints and tips ensure you can start managing your library effectively in no time.

Simply select a contact to view or make changes to their detailed information. And you can import or export new contacts from elsewhere to share with others. Easily import or export your contact as text or vCard.

The app can connect all your social networks, even WhatsApp Business, which allows Android users to easily follow their friends and contact them instantly through selected messaging or calling platforms.

You can link your similar contacts to create more accessible groups of contacts. Make changes and customizations to your groups so you can manage them efficiently. You can even set your own ringtones for contacts from specific groups to make them more recognizable.

And for your favorites, it is very easy to select and add them to your favorites collection, which allows Android users to easily configure their priority contacts in each department. Use the features available in the app to properly organize your favorites.

You can also categorize specific contacts as spam and blacklist them so that their next calls and messages are automatically blocked for you. This saves you the hassle of turning on the screen to see the caller and turning it off manually.

True Phone MOD APK 2.0.18 (Pro Unlocked) for Android (5)
True Phone MOD APK 2.0.18 (Pro Unlocked) for Android (6)
True Phone MOD APK 2.0.18 (Pro Unlocked) for Android (7)

Works in multiple languages

And to ensure all Android users can enjoy the amazing True Phone mobile app, Hamster Beat also offers a variety of different language options in the mobile app. Now you can easily choose your preferred languages ​​and enjoy the app with all its transparent features.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod

For those of you who are interested in the amazing True Phone app but don't want to pay for the premium features, you all must opt ​​for the modded version of the app on our website. Here we provide the complete and free app with unlocked professional features for all android users. just download itMod APK for True Phone, follow the instructions on our website and you're done.

final judgments

Get ready to enjoy this simple and affordable true phone mobile app that will completely change the way you use your phone app and other online communication platforms. Just keep all your important contacts in a single library, making it much easier to manage and organize. Enjoy working with the amazing interface in the app and make changes to it as you like. Unlock powerful calling and dialing tools to make your regular phone calls or connect to other messaging platforms. All of this should allow Android users to get the most out of the app.

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